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This is my entry for the One Button Game Jam.

Beat Wizard is a rhythm game where you cast spells against your enemies.

I'm looking for people to help work with me on the graphics and music for the game. So please contact me if you are willing!

--Game Updates--

- Shields now timeout after 32 beats
- Beat indicators show current beat and light up as you tap
- Minor bug fixes and cosmetic changes


Cast spells by tapping your mouse in time to the music (wait until after the 4 intro beeps).


Magic Missile = Tap on all 4 beats XoXoXoXo

Fireball (AOE damage for mobs) = Tap on first beat and 3rd beat XoxoXoxo

Stone Skin (protect against physical damage) = Tap on 1st, off beat then second beat XOXoxoxo

--Harder Spells--

Ice Bolt - XOxoXOxo

Water Wall - XoXoXoxo

Fire Shield - XoxoXoXo

StatusIn development

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